Paraguay Football Shirts & Kit

Supervised by Paraguayan Football Association, the Paraguay national football team present on international football field on behalf of Paraguay. As a part of CONMEBOL, the national football team has won qualifications for World Cup eight times. Among those many football matches, the best one is in 2010, reaching the quarter-finals. In 1953 and 1979, Paraguay squad were crowned the title of Copa América on two occasions. The recorded highest rankings and the lowest one are the eighth and the 103rd in 2001 and 1995 respectively. In 1996, the squad has won the Best Move of the Year, because of rise of FIFA rankings.

In history of Paraguay national football team, the most successful Argentine coach is Gerardo Martino. Under direction of him, the team Paraguay side reached the quarter-finals of FIFA World Cup and the final of the 2011 Copa América. Paraguay won the second place in the 2011 Copa América. In 1998, both Carlos Gamarra and José Luis Chilavert were distinctive, becoming part of the All-Star Team. Paulo Silva had played for the team in 150 football matches. Some excellent footballers played important roles in tournaments, such as Roque Santa Cruz, Denis Caniza, etc.

Since establishment of the team in 1919, the team experienced their hey days in the 2000s. In its long history, many classic football shirts have been published. In general, they were a high performer at the Copa America. Up to now, Paraguay football shirts have presented at many FIFA World Cups. One can purchase the most popular Paraguay jerseys at our online store. Adidas has produced various kinds of clothes for the national football team. Colour scheme of the Paraguay football kit consists of red, white and blue. In addition, the colour scheme is also applied to home and away football kits. Home jerseys are predominant red and white, adorning with some vertical stripes. On the contrary, away shirts are predominant white, featuring blue and red detailing. But there was an exception in 2002. The away kit in 2001-2002 season took gold as the base colour, featuring other-cloured detailing.

The latest home shirts in various sizes could be got on the website. Besides, there are other sports gears like training kits, socks, shorts, jackets and the like could be found from the selection. All above items from our selection could be used to show support and loyalty for team. Keeping prices low as much as possible, we also dedicate to provide hassle free shopping experience. When it refers to the 2018-19 new football kit, some will remind that the kit was woven by Adidas. After re-design of home jerseys, new design of the shirt still contains essence of the Paraguay national football team. Red and white vertical stripes became thinner.

Such stripes sit on the front and bottom section on the back. Both collar and two short sleeves are outlined by red stripes, forming substantial differences with the white background. Besides, there are also blue details on both sides of the shirt. Blue logo Adidas and round crest are embroidered onto the right chest and the left chest respectively.

Piacenza 2019 Centenary Shirt

Piacenza Calcio 1919, locates in Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna. It is a Italian football club competes in Serie C now. It is re-founded in 2012, and is entitled to use the brand from original club Piacenza Calcio.

In the very beginning, the Piacenza is founded in 1919 by an ambitious manager, who controls every aspect of the football team, such as social connections, techniques and administrative work. All his efforts are dedicated to bring the club into the national championship under the FIGC. Because of much energy and time having spent on competing in the league, the club was promoted to Serie C in 1935-36 season. It failed to gain promotion to Seria B in 1938.

It was promoted to Serie A in luck, under the guidance of coach Gigi Cagni in 1993. Nonetheless, it was delegated to lower levels in spite of presence of many competent footballers, such as such as midfielder Daniele Moretti, winger Francesco Turrini and forward Giampietro Piovani.

After much of the season, the football club have played with an European team with lower scores than it. In the end, Piacenza Calcio was promoted on the last day in the season for a tight scrap. Then a wise decision had been made to call back most former footballers of club, which contributed to their promotion in 1995.

The football club has won numerous accolades and supporters with the all-Italian footballers and successful defense against relegation. Fortunately, the team introduced an excellent hard man defender Pietro Vierchowod. It is proved that the youngster deserves the purchase. They has been promoted in short time following the 2010 relegation.

The club would have held the stable position in Serie B without any threat. But the team lost to rivals just due to the rival’s higher level in a relegation playoff. Because of bankruptcy for financial risks, the team was re-founded and promoted to a higher level.

Recently, the centenary football shirt of Piacenza Calcio 1919 has been unveiled, and footballers will don it from January 2019. It is designed for their almost one-hundred years history. The predominant red football shirt features vertical stripes running from shoulders to the bottom. In addition, there are some white details against the red base color. White collar is decorated with white crosses, which are made from white stripes. The special design aims at gracing the fields of Italian stadiums.

Thin vertical lines pay homage to the style in the 1980s; at the same time, the logo is woven to the left chest in the style of the 1950s. In addition, the football shirt is provided with a gold box with words “100 years, A century of history”. The insider features all names of footballers who have worn it in football pitches.

For the memorial purpose, a special white logo with words “1919-2019”. It’s a perfect football shirt to show support to the football club. It has experienced ups and downs in the football field, and die-hard football fans certainly hope the future of the football club would get better.

Sweden 2018 Away Football Shirt

Players of Sweden national team will put on the brand new 2018 home and away Adidas shirts to play games in the stage of the World Cup. Adidas has provided high-performance football match jerseys for the squad.

Zlatan Ibrahimović(born on 3 October 1981) is a Swedish professional footballer who currently plays as a forward for LA Galaxy. As an excellent player, he is known for his technique, creativity, strength and powerful and accurate striking ability. He has helped his team win many trophies in his career. There is no doubt that he is also awarded a few individual awards. He was named Eurosport European Player of the Month in August 2016, PFA Fans’ Premier League Player of the Month in December 2016, Premier League Player of the Month in December 2016. Besides, Ibrahimović got the Alan Hardaker Trophy in 2017 and EFL Cup top goalscorer in the 2016-17 season.

Ibrahimović announced his retirement from the Sweden national team two years ago. After coming to Los Angeles, he still concerns about the national team. At a press conference, he implied that he wanted to return to the national team to participate in the World Cup in Russia this summer. He also said that he would help the national team a lot. Since the first appearance for the team in 2001, Ibrahimović has become a key member of the national team. He totally played 115 games and scored 62 goals for Sweden.

When talking about returning to Sweden national team and representing the team in the World Cup in Russia, he said:“I must make adequate preparations in order to help my country and the team. As I said before, if I want to return to the national team, then I will go back. The current national team players should be vigilant. Sweden team performs well recently, but it has not won any trophy so far. And leading the team to win championship is what I am good at. Let’s look forward to what will happen!”

The Sweden national team will play a game against South Korea on 18 June 2018, then Swedish players will play games against Germany and Mexico in Group F, wearing Sweden football match jerseys 2018. Football fans can predict the result of the group match.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the away shirt is predominately navy blue. It features yellow collar and yellow Adidas three stripes on shoulders. Indispensable Adidas logo and team badge are printed on chest. The breathable fabric makes players cool and dry during 90 minutes. Football fans can also get it at online stores. Nowadays, wearing a football match jersey has become increasingly popular among fans. They often buy football shirts and wear one of them to show their support.

Sweden national team has played games at a new stadium Friends Arena since 2012. The former stadium Råsunda Stadion was opened in 1910 and was expanded from 2000 spectators to 40,000. It hosted 8 games of the 1958 FIFA World Cup and the final game of the 1995 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Russia 2018 Away Shirt

Adidas has unveiled nine away football shirts for nine national teams participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, including Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Japan, Colombia, Sweden, Belgium and Mexico. The comfortable and breathable football shirts are expected to help players perform well in all games. They are loyal to classic designs and are made by innovative technologies. Adidas has displayed their products in the World Cup many times, and they will also show the most exquisite design this time.

Russia 2018 Away Shirt shows the culture of the street football in Russia perfectly. The white shirt with gray blocks pays tribute to the country and Russian classic architecture. Besides, it features a navy blue collar and cuffs. Adidas iconic elements(three stripes and brand logo) are shown on the shirt. Three navy blue stripes are put on shoulders, back to the classic design, and the brand logo in navy blue is printed on the chest. The most indispensable element is the team badge that is printed on the left chest.

Blue away shorts and red away socks complete the Russia 2018 away kit. It is easily recognizable on and off football fields. Wearing the kit makes you show your loyalty wherever you are. Fans can get Russia football shirts at FC Kingdom, a professional website for football sales.

As we all know, the World Cup is the most renowned sporting event in the world, and lots of national teams long to play games in this competition. Not only football players but also individual who loves football looks forward to the major sporting event.

Recently a Russian artist Vladimir Aniskin who specializes in micro miniature art painted a wolf called “ZABIVAKA” on a poppy seed. “The Zabikaka wolf has a feature. I browsed videos and photos about wolves when preparing to create this picture, and I found that they do not have a name or number on back like football players. Therefore, I write ‘ZABIVAKA’ and “10” on the wolf’s back because there are many very famous players who have played with this number in the past and now.” said Aniskin. Before the wolf, he also painted the logo of the 2018FIFA World Cup on a rice grain and the most amazing thing was that the height of the logo was only three millimeters.

The 2018 World Cup is about to take place at 12 football stadiums in Russia on 14 June 2018. We can know the football stadiums first.

Kaliningrad Stadium, with a capacity of 35,000 spectators, is built for the World Cup, located in Oktyabrsky Island, Kaliningrad, Russia. On 11 April 2018, the stadium hosted the first match. It will host four group matches during the Russia World Cup.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium is located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, with a capacity of 44,899 spectators. It will host four group matches, the 16th round of the World Cup games and quarter-finals.

Football fans are able to go to these football stadiums and support your favorite team wearing Russia football shirts.

Poland 2018 Home Football Shirt

The two global brands Adidas and Nike are responsible for a total of 22 national teams competing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. There are 10 teams’ football match jerseys provided by Nike, including Brazil, England, France, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Croatia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Portugal.

The 2018 Poland Home and Away Football Shirts were unveiled officially by Nike and the Polish Football Association(PZPN) in late March. The PZPN governs football in Poland and organizes major football leagues, such as Ekstraklasa, Polish Cup, the Polish SuperCup, the Polish League Cup and so on.

Football fans of Poland national team and Polish football experts have to admit that Orły (The Eagles), a nickname of the squad, becomes stronger and stronger. Robert Lewandowski who serves as the captain of Poland national team also thinks so. He said:“Poland now has a great team with many excellent players. We are potential and can play better.”

Despite having been absent from three World Cups, players of Poland national team will show them completely in the stage of the World Cup this summer. Piotr Zielinski, Arkadiusz Milik, Karol Linetty and other national team players will wear the brand new jerseys and be led by their captain Lewandowski to fight for the title of the competition. Certainly, there will be passionate fans to support them.

Robert Lewandowski is an excellent forward who plays for both Poland national team and Bayern Munich. He was named Polish Sports Personality of the Year award in 2015 because of his 23 goals in 26 appearances in all competitions for Bayern Munich that season, which made him become the first football player to get the award in 33 years. The Polish Sports Personality of the Year award has been running since 1926. The current head of the PZPN Zbigniew Boniek also got it in 1982, who is a former legendary footballer playing for Juventus and Roma. Besides, he became one of the the 100 best living footballers in 2004 who are selected by Pelé, the greatest footballer in the world.

The home shirt 2018 is predominately white with gray details, while the away shirt is red. The two jerseys show a strong sense of national pride and courage of the Polish. The white home shirt features gray lines on front, showing players’ speed and vitality. In addition, some iconic elements are all red, including Nike Swoosh for easy brand recognition and the team badge. The brand new home shorts are white, too.

“The design of the new jerseys is inspired by the eagles the Poles are proud of. This is the most important symbol of this country and the soul of the national team,” said Pete Hoppins, senior design director of Nike’s football apparel, “We saw a story about rise of eagles two years ago in France. In 2018, this eagle(Poland national team) will fly high. Poland is a powerful team and there will be amazing games between it and its opponents. They will not pity for losers.”

The Poland home and away shirts are available for fans at online stores. You can purchase these cheap football shirts to show your support and loyalty.