Piacenza 2019 Centenary Shirt

Piacenza Calcio 1919, locates in Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna. It is a Italian football club competes in Serie C now. It is re-founded in 2012, and is entitled to use the brand from original club Piacenza Calcio.

In the very beginning, the Piacenza is founded in 1919 by an ambitious manager, who controls every aspect of the football team, such as social connections, techniques and administrative work. All his efforts are dedicated to bring the club into the national championship under the FIGC. Because of much energy and time having spent on competing in the league, the club was promoted to Serie C in 1935-36 season. It failed to gain promotion to Seria B in 1938.

It was promoted to Serie A in luck, under the guidance of coach Gigi Cagni in 1993. Nonetheless, it was delegated to lower levels in spite of presence of many competent footballers, such as such as midfielder Daniele Moretti, winger Francesco Turrini and forward Giampietro Piovani.

After much of the season, the football club have played with an European team with lower scores than it. In the end, Piacenza Calcio was promoted on the last day in the season for a tight scrap. Then a wise decision had been made to call back most former footballers of club, which contributed to their promotion in 1995.

The football club has won numerous accolades and supporters with the all-Italian footballers and successful defense against relegation. Fortunately, the team introduced an excellent hard man defender Pietro Vierchowod. It is proved that the youngster deserves the purchase. They has been promoted in short time following the 2010 relegation.

The club would have held the stable position in Serie B without any threat. But the team lost to rivals just due to the rival’s higher level in a relegation playoff. Because of bankruptcy for financial risks, the team was re-founded and promoted to a higher level.

Recently, the centenary football shirt of Piacenza Calcio 1919 has been unveiled, and footballers will don it from January 2019. It is designed for their almost one-hundred years history. The predominant red football shirt features vertical stripes running from shoulders to the bottom. In addition, there are some white details against the red base color. White collar is decorated with white crosses, which are made from white stripes. The special design aims at gracing the fields of Italian stadiums.

Thin vertical lines pay homage to the style in the 1980s; at the same time, the logo is woven to the left chest in the style of the 1950s. In addition, the football shirt is provided with a gold box with words “100 years, A century of history”. The insider features all names of footballers who have worn it in football pitches.

For the memorial purpose, a special white logo with words “1919-2019”. It’s a perfect football shirt to show support to the football club. It has experienced ups and downs in the football field, and die-hard football fans certainly hope the future of the football club would get better.

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